What is ACCESS?

What are the benefits of becoming an ACCESS member?

Access is a monthly subscription that gives you Monday-Friday teaching resources for the entire year. Just login to your Have Fun Teaching account to download your materials for the month, including grade level lesson plans, songs, videos, worksheets, activity centers, reading comprehension stories, flash cards, and even Common Core Math and English worksheets, activities, and assessments for every standard! ACCESS gives you exclusive Members-Only access to daily high quality teaching resources so you can plan less and teach more! Sign Up Today and experience all the benefits of an ACCESS membership!

How much does ACCESS cost?

An individual monthly membership to ACCESS costs only $8/month. For about 26¢ a day, you will receive high quality teaching materials every day! We understand tight budgets, which is why we created ACCESS.  ACCESS provides an entire year’s worth of resources for a very low cost.

We can also set up your entire school with ACCESS! If your school is interested in getting ACCESS, please email us and let us know you’re interested in ACCESS for your school.

Is it safe to pay online?

Yes. HFT has SSL Security installed, which encrypts your personal payment information. After payment, you will be granted instant access to your ACCESS Membership and all personal and credit card information is encrypted and stored securely in your account. Credit cards are processed through Stripe.com, so we don’t even get to see your credit card numbers – it’s all encrypted and processed through Stripe.com.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. While we certainly hope you’ll love your ACCESS subscription, we will issue a 1-month refund if you’re unhappy for any reason. If you’d like to request a refund please e-mail within 30 days. You can also cancel anytime within your My Account Dashboard.

What if I have a problem with my ACCESS membership?

First, please check out our help page. We answer the most common technical support questions in this area of the website.
If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the help section, please feel free to contact us. We’re here every weekday answering e-mails and phone support. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Click here to sign up today.

I want to become an ACCESS member! Where do I sign up?

Choose a Grade Level and sign up for ACCESS today!

Kindergarten Access - Have Fun Teaching

Kindergarten Access

4 out of 5
$8.00 / month

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First Grade Access - Have Fun Teaching

First Grade Access

$8.00 / month

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Second Grade Access - Have Fun Teaching

Second Grade Access

$8.00 / month

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Third Grade Access - Have Fun Teaching

Third Grade Access

$8.00 / month

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Fourth Grade Access - Have Fun Teaching

Fourth Grade Access

$8.00 / month

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Fifth Grade Access - Have Fun Teaching

Fifth Grade Access

$8.00 / month

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