Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Flash Cards


How to teach Letter Recognition

These Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Flash Cards support students’ recognition of both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet using a print font.

These Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet cards are a perfect resource for students to use when learning letter names and sounds. Outside of the classroom, students need to be identify letters no matter what font they are written in.

These 26 flash cards include both the Uppercase and Lowercase letters of every letter in the alphabet. Your students can use these flash cards to identify letters or practice writing in print by tracing the letters.

Other resources to use with this Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Flash Cards

If you are using these flash cards, your students are probably learning about letter recognition and formation.

Use these cards while your students play Alphabet BINGO!

Laminate these flashcards for multiple different uses. You can use simply as flashcards or handwriting practice with a dry erase marker. You could also cut these flash cards in half for your student to play a memory match game. These simple flashcards will find a welcome place in your class no matter how you choose to use them!

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