Science Thinker Reward Certificate

Science Thinker Reward Certificate

How to use Reward Certificates

Using the Science Thinker Reward Certificate, your student will feel celebrated and recognized for their superior science skills.

This award certificate template for your classroom is a quick way to show your students that you notice their outstanding science skills.

Students appreciate recognition. When students feel appreciated and recognized for their talents and abilities, they have higher self-esteem and encourage additional effort.


Other resources to use with this Science Thinker Reward Certificate

If you are using this award, you are probably celebrating many of your students.

You could also use this  Awesome Artist Reward Certificate to recognize your creative students.

Use this award certificate to celebrate and recognize your students. Your students will feel proud to receive this brightly colored certificate. This certificate is perfect to help encourage your students’ science skills. You can celebrate students on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Share your student’s outstanding science skills that won him the award! Be sure to take pictures of your students holding their certificate to post around the classroom!

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