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Short and Tall Worksheet

Using this Short and Tall Worksheet, students circle the object in each box that is short.

Perimeter Shape Problems Worksheet

Using Perimeter Shape Problems Worksheet, students find the perimeter of two-dimensional shapes when one or all side lengths are given.

Mass Volume Worksheet

Using this Mass Volume Worksheet, students choose the best measure of volume or mass for the object provided. 

How Much Will It Absorb Diaper STEAM Activity

This How Much Will It Absorb? Diaper STEAM Activity includes all the learning components: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Big Bigger Biggest Worksheet

Using this Big Bigger Biggest Worksheet, students compare three pictures by putting them in order from smallest to largest in height. 

Second Grade Math Skills Test Practice

Using Second Grade Math Skills Test Practice, students show their understanding of all of the second grade math objectives. 

Gram Kilogram Worksheet

Using Gram Kilogram Worksheet, students circle the unit that would most likely be used to measure each object.

Degrees on a Thermometer Worksheet

Using Degrees on a Thermometer Worksheet, students practice reading the temperature on a thermometer to solve real life temperature problems.

Estimate and Measure Inches Worksheet

In this Estimate and Measure Inches Worksheet, students estimate and then measure lengths using units of inches.

Cup Pint Quart Gallon Worksheet

Using this Cup Pint Quart Gallon Worksheet, students estimate the best measurement type for different containers of liquid. 

Perimeter Area Worksheet

Using Perimeter Area Worksheet, students find the area and perimeter of two-dimensional shapes. 

Measuring Inches Worksheet

In this Measuring Inches Worksheet, students measure objects to the nearest inch to build their measurement skills.

Solving Perimeter Word Problems Worksheet

Using Solving Perimeter Word Problems Worksheet, students find the perimeter in different real life scenario word problems.

Measurement Flash Cards

Using Measurement Flash Cards, students build their understanding of unit conversions by matching two units.

Balanced Scale Worksheet

Using this Balanced Scale Worksheet, students use pictures to solve weight problems involving a scale.

Shortest to Longest Worksheet

Using this Shortest to Longest Worksheet, students write 1, 2, and 3 in the spaces to show the order of the objects from shortest to longest.

Keep it Balanced Scale Worksheet

Using this Keep it Balanced Scale Worksheet, students use pictures to solve weight problems involving a scale. 

Measurement Fractions of Inches Worksheet

In this Measurement Fractions of Inches Worksheet, students measure line segments to the nearest inch by writing them in fractions to build their measurement skills.