Brick Breaker Consonant Blends Activity

Brick Breaker Consonant Blends Activity:  Play Brick Breaker to review initial consonant blends. This game can be played individually, against a partner or in a small group. Each player receives a brick breaker game mat. Select a set of picture cards to play with, either black or blue, as well as the matching blends spinner. Shuffle the picture cards and place the bricks on the game mat. Decide how long each round lasts (1-3 minutes). The goal of the game is to clear the most bricks before time runs out. To clear bricks, spin the spinner to land on a consonant blend. Look at the pictures on your game board and clear the ones that begin with that blend. After clearing all matching bricks, spin the spinner again. If you clear all of your bricks before time runs out, use the remaining picture cards to fill up your game mat again. Play continues until the end of the round. The player with the most bricks cleared is the winner! Play as many rounds as you’d like! After playing Brick Breaker, practice identifying initial consonant blends by completing the worksheet provided.

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