Sight Words Keyboard Worksheet

Sight Words Keyboard Worksheet

How to teach Sight Words

Using Sight Words Keyboard Worksheet, students use this keyboard to type the Sight Words to build sight word fluency.

Your students will encounter sight words in their daily readings. This worksheet help build your students sight word recognition.

Students use this keyboard to type the Sight Words.


Other resources to use with this Sight Words Keyboard Worksheet

If you are using these worksheet, your students are probably learning about sight words.

Use these Sight Word Videos as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this worksheet reviewing sight words using Sight Word Flash Cards.    Next, have students write the sight words from the worksheet in the air using their finger. Then, students practice typing words using the keyboard.  Once finished, challenge students to write sentences using the words from the worksheet.

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Sight Words Keyboard: Information: Sight Words Keyboard for kids to type out the sight words while watching the Sight Word Videos by Have Fun Teaching.