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Fine Motor Skills Practice Worksheet

Use this Fine Motor Skills Practice Worksheet to practice fine motor skills, handwriting skills, drawing skills, and how to hold and grasp a pencil.

What Kind of Sentence? Worksheet

Using What Kind of Sentence? Worksheet, students determine the types of sentences: commands, statements, exclamations, or questions.

Lowercase Letters Writing Worksheet

Using this Lowercase Letters Writing Worksheet, students practice writing lower case letters in order to build their handwriting skills.

Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Flash Cards

These Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Flash Cards support students' recognition of both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet using a print font.

Creating Complete Sentences Worksheet

Using this Creating Complete Sentences Worksheet, students rewrite incomplete thoughts into complete sentences. 

CVC Word Mats Activity

Using this CVC Word Mats Activity, students place letter tiles on the picture cards to create CVC words. 

Summarizing Worksheet

Using Summarizing Worksheet, students summarize the following text by underlining key words and phrases to break down the larger ideas.

Autobiography Worksheet

Using this Autobiography Worksheet, students will use sentence starters as inspiration as they begin to write their own autobiography. 

Getting Down with Proper Nouns Activity

Using this Getting Down with Proper Nouns Activity, students match and using common and proper nouns pairs to build an understanding of the two types of nouns. 

August Daily Journal Prompts

Using these August Daily Journal Prompts, students will practice their writing skills while writing responding to August themed journal prompts!

Possessive Pronouns Worksheet

Using Possessive Pronouns Worksheet, students change one proper noun to a possessive pronoun in each sentence. 

Earth Planet Worksheet

Using this Earth Planet Worksheet, students research the planet Earth using the questions as a guide.

Letter D Handwriting Practice Worksheet

Using Letter D Handwriting Practice Worksheet, students trace and then write the letter D in order build their Zaner-Bloser style print handwriting skills.

Summer Vacation Letter Worksheet

Using this Summer Vacation Letter Worksheet, students write and draw about their summer vacation. 

Types of Sentences Worksheet

Using Types of Sentences Worksheet, students determine the types of sentences: commands, statements, exclamations, or questions

Read a Recipe Worksheet

reading worksheet, editing worksheet, reviewing worksheet, rewriting worksheet

Writing Topic Sentences Worksheet

Using this Writing Topic Sentences Worksheet, students write a broad topic and then write a limited topic that connects. 

Narrative Writing Worksheet

Using Narrative Writing Worksheet,students read the tall tale, make predictions for what they think will happen next in the story, then write a conclusion to the story.