Away Song (Animated)

Away Song (Animated)


How to teach Sight Words

The AWAY Song (Animated) will help students recognize the sight word AWAY in a snap to build reading speed and and fluency while watching this fun video!

This song is a great way to reinforce sight words in a memorable way. You can't help but get this song caught in your head. By using this video, you engage students that learn visually, orally, and kinetically.

AWAY Song is a Sight Word Song that teaches the sight word AWAY by saying the word, repeating the word, spelling the word, and using the word in sentences. Sight words are the most commonly used English words that a beginning reader must know when learning how to read.

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If you are listening to this song, your students are probably being introduced to sight words for the first time!

Check out the AWAY Song (Audio) for an additional resource to learn the word AWAY

First, listen to the song. Then, practice building the word AWAY by using alphabet cereal. Continue your practice with the sight word AWAY by pretending trying be a Monster Hunter. Tell them to go away by using the sentence starter “Go away….” After watching this animated song, you will never forget this sight word and will always be able to read it in your favorite books and stories. You can show this video as a brain break, introduction to a reading lesson, or if you finish a lesson early. Your students will beg you to watch this sight word video over and over!

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