Presidents Day Reading Comprehension Digital Worksheet


How to use this Reading Comprehension Digital Worksheet

This Presidents Day Holiday Reading Comprehension Digital Worksheet is an online digital worksheet that integrates with Google Classroom and is perfect for online distance learning. The PDF included in this resource can be imported and sent to students into Google Classroom. The students then click the Start button and are redirected to the online digital worksheet.

In addition, this online digital learning resource can be taken by your students online, and on any device. Get instant feedback from your students with detailed reports and automatic grading sent right to the teacher.

The Presidents Day Reading Comprehension Digital Worksheet is a fun an engaging way to teach and assess your student’s knowledge of this holiday and reading comprehension skills.

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If you are using this digital worksheet, your students are probably learning about holidays and reading comprehension!

Use all of our Holiday Resources, Reading Comprehension Worksheets, and Holiday Activities as additional resources for your students learning the holidays and comprehension. Your kids can learn all about the many different holidays in America. These digital worksheets will be the perfect lesson idea and interactive activity for the classroom, home, or distance learning.

This digital resource can be used in a variety of different ways. Use this digital worksheet with Google Classroom simply by uploading the PDF. The PDF has a Start button embedded that allows your students to begin the activity right online. When the student finishes, you will get their grade and report sent right to your email. Use this as an introduction to learning holidays or understanding how to take an assessment online. You could even do this digital worksheet as a whole group lesson getting instant feedback from students.

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