Adding Decimals Word Problems Worksheet

Adding Decimals Word Problems Worksheet

How to teach Adding Decimals

Using Adding Decimals Word Problems Worksheet, students solve word problems involving adding two decimals (up to hundredths) to find the sum.

Knowing how to add decimals is an important skill for students to learn. This skill helps students when they go shopping to know how much money they owe.

First, read the word problem. Next, write an equation to match the word problem. Then, solve your equation. Challenge yourself by writing a word problem of your own! Share with your friends to solve each others new problems!


Other resources to use with this Adding Decimals Word Problems Worksheet

If you are using this worksheet, your students are probably learning about adding decimals.

Use this Subtracting Decimals Worksheet as an additional resource for your students.

To introduce this worksheet, review strategies for solving word problems. Explain that adding decimals follow the same steps but just have a decimal point!  Then, students add individually or with a partner.

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