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Solar System Sequencing Planets Activity

Using Solar System Sequencing Planets Activity, students correctly ordering the eight planets in our solar system.

Go Green Recycle Activity

Using Go Green Recycle Activity, students sort common trash items by composition: paper, plastic, metal, or glass to increase their knowledge about recycling. 

Name That Landform Smartboard Game

Using Name That Landform Smartboard Game, students look at each picture and decide what type of landform is shown

Jeopardy Natural Disasters Activity

Using Jeopardy Natural Disasters Activity, students play to review facts about natural disasters that occur on Earth. 

Solar System Activity

Using Solar System Activity, students play Space Race to practice identifying and correctly ordering the eight planets in our solar system.

Moon Activity

Using Moon Activity, students read facts to create an All About the Moon poster to improve their understanding of the solar system. 

Sun Activity

Using Sun Activity, students read facts about the Sun's properties and its functions in order to create an informational poster. 

Weather Wiz Activity

Using this Weather Wiz Activity, students test their weather knowledge using fact cards and a graphic organizer.

Weather Activity

Using this Weather Activity, students match weather picture and vocabulary cards to build their knowledge of weather conditions. 

Its Just a Phase Phases of the Moon Activity

Using Its Just a Phase Phases of the Moon Activity, students put the phases of the moon in order so they can understand the pattern of the moon.