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Weather Names Worksheet

Using this Weather Names Worksheet, students identify kinds of weather by writing the proper word under the pictures. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Sorting Worksheet

Using Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Sorting Worksheet, students sort items that can be recycled to cut down on waste. 

Printable Thermometer

Using Printable Thermometer, students practice reading Fahrenheit and Celsius on a thermometer. 

Day and Night Worksheet

Using Day and Night Worksheet, students figure out if each place indicated is in day or night by looking at the diagrams.

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle

Using Earth Day Crossword Puzzle, students use the clues about Earth Day to fill in the crossword puzzle with the missing words.

Solar System Order Worksheet

Using Solar System Order Worksheet, students place the planets in their correct order from the Sun on the diagram.

Weather Wear Worksheet

Using this Weather Wear Worksheet, students draw pictures of what you wear in different weather to build their understanding of weather conditions.

Weather Fill in the Blank Worksheet

Using this Weather Fill in the Blank Worksheet, students fill in the blanks about weather to complete the description. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Items Worksheet

Using Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Items Worksheet, students creatively think about how to reuse common items they would find in their house. 

Go Green Recycle Activity

Using Go Green Recycle Activity, students sort common trash items by composition: paper, plastic, metal, or glass to increase their knowledge about recycling. 

Natural Resources Sorting Worksheet

Using Natural Resources Sorting Worksheet, students organize thethings we use into the proper natural resource categories.

Solar System Sequencing Planets Activity

Using Solar System Sequencing Planets Activity, students correctly ordering the eight planets in our solar system.

Weather Words Worksheet

Using this Weather Words Worksheet, students use words from the bank to describe the weather, the sky, how weather feels, and types of storms.

Drawing Moon Phases Worksheet

Using Drawing Moon Phases Worksheet, students illustrate the phases of the moon so they can understand the pattern of the moon.

Soil Matching Worksheet

Using this Soil Matching Worksheet, students match the definitions to the key words.

Water Cycle Worksheet

Using this Water Cycle Worksheet, students label the water cycle diagram using arrows and key vocabulary words on the picture.

Recycling Sort Worksheet

Using Recycling Sort Worksheet, students sort the items by writing the letters into the proper recycling container in order to cut down on waste

Weather Matching Worksheet

Using this Weather Matching Worksheet, students match the weather word to the correct picture to build their understanding of weather conditions.