Memorial Day Multiplication Activity

Memorial Day Multiplication Activity

How to teach Multiplication

Using this Memorial Day Multiplication Activity, students crack the secret code by solving multiplication problems to build fact fluency.

This activity helps your students build their multiplication fact fluency.

The object of this activity is to crack the secret code by solving multiplication problems. Cut apart the cards and place them in a pile. For more fun, place the cards around the room for a “Write the Room” type of activity. Choose or find a multiplication problem card. On the recording sheet, write down the problem and solve it in the matching lettered box (ex. if the card has the letter M, write down the problem and solve it in a M box on the worksheet.


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If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about multiplication.

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Introduce this activity by reviewing multiplication facts. Next, ask students to give tips on how to solve multiplication facts if you don't know it right away. Next, distribute materials to students. As students work, circulate and listen to student discussions. After the activity, share students’ discussions that you heard to promote fluency skills. Finally, student continue their practice using the provided worksheets individually or with a partner.

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