Decimals Bar Graphs Worksheet

Decimals Bar Graphs Worksheet


How to teach Bar Graphs

Using this Decimals Bar Graphs Worksheet, students add decimals together and then graph their sum using a bar graph.

Students need a lot of practice creating and analyzing bar graphs. This worksheet gives students practice with adding decimals and creating a bar graph to show their sums.

This worksheet asks students to solve ten decimal addition problems. Once they have solved, students graph the sum on a bar graph.  

Other resources to use with this Decimals Bar Graphs Worksheet

If your students are using this activity, they are probably learning about graphing.

Use this Multiplication Bar Graph Worksheet as another resource to support your students.

Introduce this worksheet by reviewing how to line up decimals before adding. Then, have student complete the worksheet individually or with a partner. Once students have solved and graphed the sums, challenge students to create inequalities to compare sums using comparison symbols (<,> or =).

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