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Electricity Worksheet

Using Electricity Worksheet, students answer questions based on a reading passage to build their understanding of how electricity is made and works.

Circuits Worksheet

Using Circuits Worksheet. students draw arrows to show the path the current flows through an electrical circuit to better understand how electricity works.

Conductors Worksheet

Using Conductors Worksheet, students circle the objects that would be good electrical conductors. 

Circuits Conductors Worksheet

Using Circuits Conductors Worksheet. students draw pictures of circuits and conductors to build their understanding of how electricity works. 

Light Bulb Cut Outs

These Light Bulb Cut Outs quickly give you templates that can be easily cut and applied for classroom decoration or student activities about electricity. 

Electricity Writing Paper

Using this Electricity Writing Paper, you will be able to showcase your students' Science writing about electricity to create a decorative, final draft.