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Common and Proper Nouns Activity

Using this Common and Proper Nouns Activity, students match the Common and Proper Noun Cards to the appropriate category.

Same or Different Activity

Using Same or Different Activity, students use the picture cards to practice visually discriminating things that are the same and/or different.

CVC Short Vowel Sounds Activity

Using this CVC Short Vowel Sounds Activity, students sort CVC words based on the short vowel sound in the word. 

Find the Missing Letters Sequencing Activity

Using Find the Missing Letters Sequencing Activity, students place alphabet letter cards to complete the alphabet sequences. 

Gingerbread House Decorating Following Directions Activity

Using Gingerbread House Decorating Following Directions Activity, students practice reading and following directions with this gingerbread activity.

Even Or Odd Christmas Activity

Using Even Or Odd Christmas Activity, students sort numbers in the even or odd categories on the sorting mat. 

Christmas Flash Cards

Using these Christmas Flash Cards, students improve their Christmas vocabulary by describing the colorful flash cards.

Santa's Compound Cookies Activity

Using Santa's Compound Cookies Activity, students put together his cookies to form compound words to figure out what Santa wants for Christmas. 

Short Vowel Word Family Activity

Using this Short Vowel Word Family Activity, students sort each short vowel word under the matching short vowel heading

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Contractions Activity

Using Do You Want to Build a Snowman Contractions Activity, students create contractions by creating a snowman with the two word phrase and then contraction. 

Christmas BINGO

This Christmas BINGO is a fun game that you can play during the December when students gets restless as they wait for Winter Break!

Number Word Lights Activity

Using Number Word Lights Activity, students match the number with the number word in order to build their math fluency.

Tree Cut Outs

These Tree Cut Outs quickly give you templates that can be easily cut and applied for classroom decoration or student activities about nature or trees.

Winter Easy Alphabetical Order Activity

This Winter Easy Alphabetical Order Activity will teach your students how to put three sets of sight words without repeating letters in alphabetical order.

Snowman Contractions Activity

Using Snowman Contractions Activity, students match two word phrase cards (I cannot) to contractions cards (I can't) in order to use contractions in their writing.

Polar Express Activities

Using Polar Express Activities, students write and color Polar Express related materials during their reading of the book. 

Ordering Numbers 0-30 Christmas Activity

Using this Ordering Numbers 0-30 Christmas Activity, students practice sequencing numbers 1-30 and filling-in number sequences.

Stocking Sort Classifying Activity

Using this Stocking Sort Classifying Activity, students complete the Stocking Sort activity to practice classifying and grouping objects.