Animal Classification Worksheet

Animal Classification Worksheet

How to teach Animal Classification

Using this Animal Classification Worksheet, students sort types of animals into four different categories (birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish) to best classify them.

Being able to identify animals is the first step when learning about animals. This brightly colored worksheet helps students learn about different types of animals.

Students will sort examples of animals from the word bank into four categories- birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish . Once they have classified each animal, challenge students to explain why they chose to sort the way they did.


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If you're using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about Animals.

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Introduce this worksheet by having students listen to the Have Fun Teaching Animal Song. Next, students share facts that they learned about animals. Then, students can work independently or with a partner to find examples of animals. After identifying examples, challenge students to explain what attributes all of these animals have in common.

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