Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity

Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity

How to teach Beginning Consonants

Using the Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity, students play Baseball to practice identifying the beginning consonants of words.

Being able to identify the beginning consonants helps students read and write words. This activity gives them practice using common words that they will encounter in their reading.

The goal of the inning is to pitch a picture card that matches one of the consonants. Flip over the top card to “pitch” the ball. If the beginning consonant matches any on the game board, move a base. If the picture does not match any consonants, it is a strike. Keep pitching balls until a team reaches 3 strikes or has scored 5 runs. To earn a run, players must move their game piece around all bases or score a “Home Run” by selecting a picture with the home run consonant. When a team strikes out, the next team is up to bat.


Other resources to use with this Beginning Consonants Baseball Activity

If you are using this activity, your students are probably learning about beginning consonants.

Use this Consonant Sounds Activity as an additional resource for your students.

Introduce this activity by having students sort pictures or objects into categories based on the beginning consonant. Then, have students play Beginning Consonants Baseball.

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