Extinction Worksheet

Extinction Worksheet

How to teach Endangered Animals

Using this Extinction Worksheet, students will research five extinct animals to learn more about their extinction cause and date.

Building research skills is important for all students to do. This worksheet will help guide students' research by giving them five extinct animals to research. Students can then record the information that they have gathered on this simple to use worksheet.

Students will use research materials individually or with a partner to find the research endangered animals. Then, they can use this worksheet to record their findings. Once, they have completed their research, students can begin to write an essay or presentation.

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If you're using this worksheet, your students are most likely learning about Endangered Animals.

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When teaching endangered animals, there is a lot of information for students to learn. This worksheet will help you and your students narrow their focus to understand the most important details of the event.  You could assign each student one key event or term to research. Then, share out to the entire class through a presentation or gallery walk.

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