Bar Graph Activity

Bar Graph Activity

How to teach Bar Graph

Using this Bar Graph Activity, students practice using data to create and analyze a bar graph.

Students need a lot of practice creating and analyzing bar graphs. This activity gives them two different ways to practice this real life skill.

One way to use this is by having students choose one of seven Picture Page/Bar Graph sets. Count the number of items in each category and fill-in the bar graph. The other way is for students to use the picture dice and bar graphs for this version. This activity can be done independently or in small groups. Roll the die to land on a picture. Fill-in the bar graph accordingly. Game stops when time is up or when one of the pictures is landed on ten times and fills to the top of the bar graph.  

Other resources to use with this Bar Graph Activity

If your students are using this activity, they are probably learning about graphing.

Use this Summer Graphing Activity as another resource to support your students.

Introduce this activity by reviewing how to read a bar graph. Next, have students create a list of tips that someone could use during graphing. Then, have student complete the activity individually or with a partner. Once students have created the bar graph, challenge them to write their own questions relating to the bar graph.

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