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Common or Abstract Nouns Worksheet

Using this Common or Abstract Nouns Worksheet, students determine if the noun in a sentence is a common or abstract noun. 

Context Clues Worksheet

Using Context Clues Worksheet, students use context clues to figure out definitions of unknown words in a sentence.

Prefix RE Worksheet

Using Prefix RE Worksheet, students read the sentences and add re and write the new word into the blank.

Synonyms Word Search Worksheet

Using this Synonyms Word Search Worksheet, students locate, circle and then write its synonym to match the given word. 

Transportation Sorting Worksheet

Using this Transportation Sorting Worksheet, students sort the vehicle pictures into air, water, and land types of transportation. 

Rhyming Words Matching Activity

Using Rhyming Words Matching Activity, students match two pictures that rhyme to build their rhyming skills.

Transportation Matching Worksheet

Using this Transportation Matching Worksheet, students match the words to the vehicle pictures.

Primer Gingerbread Theme Sight Words Flash Cards

Using Primer Gingerbread Theme Sight Words Flash Cards, students use the flash cards to build their sight word fluency.

Back to School Vocabulary Matching Activity

This Back to School Vocabulary Matching Activity is a fun addition to your students' back to school experience that can be used to learn key school vocabulary.

School Words Worksheet

Using School Words Worksheet, students read the sentences below, then they fill in the  proper word to complete each sentence to build their school vocabulary.

Matching Opposites Worksheet

Using Matching Opposites Worksheet, students read the words on the left and find its opposite match on the right.

Food Names Worksheet - Word Bank

Using Food Names Worksheet - Word Bank, students label common foods they might eat using the word bank provided. 

Edit Common or Proper Nouns Worksheet

Using this Edit Common or Proper Nouns Worksheet, students read a passage and edit proper noun capitalization errors.

Identifying Action Words Worksheet

Using Identifying Action Words Worksheet, students learn how to describe pictures with more vivid verbs using a provided word bank. 

Homophoneopoly Homophones Activity

Using Homophoneopoly Homophones Activity, students play Homophone-opoly to practice listening for and identifying pairs of homophones.

Homophones Worksheet

Using Homophones Worksheet, students circle the correct homophone for the picture shown to build their understanding of when to each word.

Consonant Blends Flash Cards

Using these Consonant Blends Flash Cards, students improve their vocabulary by having a list of words with Consonant Blends they can use in their writing.

Writing Contractions Worksheet

Using Writing Contractions Worksheet, students replace ten underlined contractions with two word phrases in the sentences provided.