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Punctuation Pow Activity

Using Punctuation Pow Activity, students read provided sentences and determine which punctuation needs to be included to build their writing skills.

Slap Shot Hockey Telling Sentences Activity

Using Slap Shot Hockey Telling Sentences Activity, students practice reading and identifying telling sentences.

Punctuation Sandwich Activity

Using Punctuation Sandwich Activity, students recognize and use end punctuation to complete sentences.

Writing the Date Activity

Using this Writing the Date Activity, students sort the Date Cards and Comma Cards into the correct sequence to show different dates.

Who Does It Belong To Activity

Using this Who Does It Belong To Activity, students show possession of objects using correctly with apostrophes.

Cool Cat Sentences Activity

Using Cool Cat Sentences Activity, students sort and organize the different types of sentences (Telling Sentence, Asking Sentence, Exciting Sentence).

Whose Is It Apostrophe Activity

Using this Whose Is It Apostrophe Activity, students match each character card with a personal object.