Sequencing Graphic Organizer Worksheet

Sequencing Graphic Organizer Worksheet

How to teach Sequencing

Are you teaching sequencing with your students? If your kids are learning about sequencing, this resource can be a great way to help them explore steps or parts of a text, including sequencing terms such as first, next, and last.

While using this Sequencing Graphic Organizer Worksheet, your students will summarize the steps or parts of a technical text as they read the book and use terms such as first, next, last.

Teaching sequencing is an important skill when learning Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Being able to logically think about the order of events, steps, and parts of a text or event can help your students to succeed in their education.


Other resources to use with this Sequencing Graphic Organizer Worksheet

If you are teaching sequencing, be sure to use our Sequencing Worksheet and Sequencing Activities. Teaching sequencing can be a fun and engaging experience for your children!


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