Size Activity

Size Activity


How to teach Size

Using this Size Activity, students play Categories to practice identifying the sizes tall, short, big and small.

Being able to put objects in order by size will help your students with future measurement lessons. This activity introduces your students to comparing objects that are short, tall, big and small.

This game can be played with a partner or in small groups. Each player receives a categories board. Cut out and shuffle the picture cards. Print off multiple sets of pictures if playing with a larger number of tables. Players take turns selecting a card from the pile. Players must decide which category the picture belongs to and place it on the board. Is it tall, short, big or small? If a picture does not fit into any of the player’s available categories, their turn is skipped and the card is returned to the bottom of the pile. The first player to fill up their board is the winner. After game play, players can sort the pictures onto category sorting mats and complete a worksheet.


Other resources to use with this Size Activity

If you are using this activity, then your students are probably learning to compare the height of different objects.

Use this Size Worksheet as an additional resource to support your students.

Introduce this activity by showing your students three objects of varying heights. Next, lead a discussion about ways that you could order them by height. Then, have students complete the activity individually or with a partner. Finally, they can find objects in the classroom to order from smallest to largest.

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