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Water Cycle Experiment Worksheet

Using this Water Cycle Experiment Worksheet, students conduct an experiment to study the water cycle.

Landform Matching Worksheet

Using Landform Matching Worksheet, students match each landform to its definition.

Pollution Worksheet

Using this Pollution Worksheet, students write about examples that pollute the Earth in order to know how to be better citizens. 

Biomes Worksheet

Using this Biomes Worksheet, students research the seven different biomes in order to learn about its location and types of plants and animals that live there. 

Drawing Ecosystems Worksheet

Using Drawing Ecosystems Worksheet, students draw an ecosystem and write how each organism relies on the other and helps the other to survive.

Recycling Sort Worksheet

Using Recycling Sort Worksheet, students sort the items by writing the letters into the proper recycling container in order to cut down on waste

Matching Ecosystems Worksheet

Using Matching Ecosystems Worksheet, students match ecosystems to their descriptions in order to understand ecosystems better. 

Landform Definition Matching Worksheet

Using Landform Definition Matching Worksheet, students match each landform to its definition.

Natural Disasters Fill in the Blanks Worksheet

Using Natural Disasters Fill in the Blanks Worksheet, students fill in the blank to describe natural disasters to understand how and why they occur.

Precipitation Research Worksheet

Using this Precipitation Research Worksheet, students keep a week-long log of the type of precipitation you see twice a day.

Natural Resources Sorting Worksheet

Using Natural Resources Sorting Worksheet, students organize thethings we use into the proper natural resource categories.

Resources Worksheet

Using Resources Writing Worksheet, students research three land resources that we use today in order to learn more about conservation.

Environmental Health Worksheet

Using this Environmental Health Worksheet, students research the four types of  pollution that affect the earth.

Natural Disasters Matching Worksheet

Using Natural Disasters Matching Worksheet, students match pictures and types of natural disasters to better understand how and why natural disasters occur.

Animal Habitats Matching Worksheet

Using this Animal Habitats Matching Worksheet, student draw lines to match five animals pictures to their best living environment.

Water Conservation Worksheet

Using this Water Conservation Worksheet, students explain how they can converse water at home, school, and take care of the public water. 

Our Environment Worksheet

Using Our Environment Worksheet, students research environmental issues that our planet faces today in order to make a plan about how to help. 

Crab, Worm, Cow, Duck Animal Habitats Worksheet

Using this Crab, Worm, Cow, Duck Animal Habitats Worksheet, students draw pictures to represent the habitats for the given four animals.